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  • Single out cypress November 30, 2021
    In most southern bass fisheries, targeting cypress trees makes as much sense as putting the plug in the boat. However, unlike that water-intrusion device, cypress trees are not a one-dimensional deal. Fact is, the when, where and how make a lot of difference.
    David A. Brown
  • Why anglers should learn to flip and pitch November 30, 2021
    If you listen to me very long, you’ll hear me say that there are always some bass shallow no matter where or when you’re fishing. And, right after I say that, I’ll say that’s why you should learn to flip and pitch.
    Bill Lowen
  • Students fish for big prizes at annual College & High School Bass Open November 29, 2021
    LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. — The sixth annual Brandon Card College & High School Bass Open, hosted by Bassmaster Elite Series angler and former Campbell County Cougar Brandon Card, will take place Saturd
    B.A.S.S. Communications
  • Let the One-Boat Network work for you November 29, 2021
    The word “fish finder” seems an antiquated term for defining all the features and functions of today’s high-tech electronic units. They still find fish, but the devices do much more.
    Craig Lamb
  • The Aaron Martens influence November 29, 2021
    It’s no surprise that you’re seeing so many good things written about Aaron Martens.Sure, people tend to feel compelled to say good things about a person after they have passed. But this time, I assure you it’s genuine.
    Gary Clouse
  • Gear Review: Carhartt Super Dux Insulated Bib Overall November 28, 2021
    WHAT IS IT?Carhartt Super Dux Insulated Bib Overall
    B.A.S.S. Staff
  • Good fishing this time of year November 27, 2021
    This is the time of year when a lot of Elite anglers shift our attention to hunting. I do a lot of deer and duck hunting, but I know that there’s also a lot of good fishing this time of year.
    Stetson Blaylock
  • Keep 'em in suspense November 27, 2021
    Of all the weird things that bass do, not much confounds, confuses and frustrates us more than suspending. Usually a deep-water thing, hovering out there in random land, the fish seem to thumb their noses at grumbling anglers.
    David A. Brown
  • Daily Limit: Redfishing with the Midnight Rider November 26, 2021
    PORT ARANSAS, Texas — If not for a poor start, the Midnight Rider might have rode off with the title in the Yamaha Bassmaster Redfish Cup Championship presented by Skeeter.
    Mike Suchan
  • Radio: Feider, Iaconelli and Stracner November 26, 2021
    Listen to the latest episode of Bassmaster Radio featuring Seth Feider, Mike Iaconelli and Josh Stracner.
  • Giving thanks for 2021 November 25, 2021
    In this month where giving thanks takes center stage, I look back over my first Bassmaster Elite season and find several things I thankful for.
    Scott Martin
  • Redfish tournaments are cool November 24, 2021
    We just returned from fishing the Yamaha Bassmaster Redfish Cup Championship presented by Skeeter, and was it ever a cool event. My partner, Ryan Rickard, and I won it, but that’s only a part — a small part actually — of why I think it was so cool.
    Chris Zaldain
  • If I could only fish for one November 23, 2021
    Every angler has a favorite species of bass.Me? I get excited about all of them. Whatever the predominate species of bass that lives in a given lake is the one that gets me fired up.
    Clark Wendlandt
  • 2022 Bassmaster Elite Series field features 13 new anglers November 23, 2021
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — After an exciting 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series season that crowned seven first-time champions and drew over 12 million viewers to coverage of Bassmaster LIVE on FOX and the FOX Sports channels, B.A.S.S. announced the new field for the 2022 Elite Series today.
    B.A.S.S. Communications
  • Find grass for a fall bait chase November 23, 2021
    You can’t blame Wes Logan, walking a topwater along the out edge of a backwater pocket stuffed with pads and a grassy perimeter was a reasonable start.
    David A. Brown
  • Gear Review: 10,000 Fish Zuchi Bug November 23, 2021
    WHAT IS IT?10,000 Fish Zuchi Bug by Catch Co
    Kyle Jessie
  • Smallmouth ironman surpasses milestone November 22, 2021
    PARK FALLS, WIS. — New Berlin, Wisl, angler, Bill Schultz, began keeping a fishing log in 1992 when he got back into fishing. It began as a simple and practical way to keep track of the details surrounding his days on the water.
    Industry News
  • Cranking and jigging for hot winter action November 22, 2021
    Bass fisherman have fished them for years on different types of lakes around the country. They attract and hold largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass at all times of the year. Tournaments at every level have been won on them, including the Bassmaster Classic.
    Steve Price
  • Gear Review: Hobie H-Cart November 22, 2021
    WHAT IS IT?Hobie H-Cart
    Craig Lamb
  • Radio: Zaldain, Wong and Davis November 22, 2021
    Listen to the latest episode of Bassmaster Radio featuring Chris Zaldain, Matty Wong and Jake Davis.